Kidd-Gilchrist or Barnes?

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You keep bringing up Irving.. There is an exception to every rule.. What about the guys like Kwame, Garko, G. Green, and so many more.. When you draft someone with a small sample size, the risk is always ther for them to be bad and you just didn't see it because you didn't get to see him do it long enough..

My opinion stands but to please the crowd, I will explain it better.. I want someone who had dominated for 2 years before someone who has only done it for a year... I do not doubt Barnes in the slightest.. I think he will be a top 10 scorer in the league one day.. I still am not sold on MKG as an NBA player...

My whole point is: Who says that it is a rule? If you are not sold on Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as a NBA player, that is fine. But his playing fewer games thus far than Harrison Barnes has little to do with him as a prospect down the road. To me, it is about skill set rather than pure experience. Of course if guys are similar, you want the one with more experience. With Barnes/MKG, I think experience gets thrown out the window as they both bring different things to the table.

Kwame, Darko and Gerald Green are also poor examples in my eyes. We are past the point where we have HS players coming straight to the league, have not had that for a solid 6 drafts. Would you have taken Derrick Williams (if you were amongst those who considered him a 3) over Barnes just because he had played two years to his one? To me, if you used that logic, it would be a mistake. You analyze them as players and of course you have to predict how they will develop.

Here are some more examples to why I do not think this is necessarily a rule:

My favorite: Steven Hunter lobbying to be chosen before Tyson Chandler in 2001 because he was about the same age but had played two years of college basketball. Of course, Tyson Chandler was a bigger, better player. Guess that was left out of Hunter's equation.

Adam Morrison played three years to Rudy Gay's two years.

Jonny Flynn played two years to Brandon Jenning's one in Italy.

Ekpe Udoh was more experienced than Greg Monroe.

Mike Dunleavy Jr. was more experienced than Caron Butler. You may act like Caron was not in the discussion for the third pick, but his slipping to 10 was a surprise.

Drew Gooden had a nice college career, while Amare Stoudemire was an inexperienced HS kid. People were actually saying the year BEFORE (ie. 2001, Kwame Brown), that Amare would of had a chance to be the #1 pick as a HS junior.

Josh Childress was more experienced than either Luol Deng or Andre Iguodala. In fact, in that same draft, many people thought Emeka Okafor, the more experienced player, should have been chosen over HS #1 pick Dwight Howard. Personally, I liked Orlando taking a chance. Just as I liked the Clippers choosing Darius Miles instead of Marcus Fizer, the more experienced player who many assumed they would choose.

Hoffa Araujo had a lot of experience. He was chosen over Andris Biedrins, Robert Swift (who I would have gladly taken over Hoffa), Al Jefferson and Josh Smith. Amongst other positions the Raptors also could have addressed.

Channing Frye certainly had a great deal more experience than Andrew Bynum. He was not 7'1 and 280 pounds with the wingspan of a 747, though. That was a fail.

People that use failed HS players as an example neglect to bring up that more often than not, HS players went to LOW in the draft rather than to HIGH. Another funny thing to point out is that many point to drafting inexperienced players with upside as costing a GM there job. Well, the Wizards situation aside, it is quite a while later, Joe Dumars is still with the Pistons and Danny Ainge is still with the Celts. If you do not believe one player is better than another, that is one thing. But, to say that Harrison Barnes tearing it up for one and a half years compared to MKG just having his freshman season is not sound reasoning in my mind. Was not incredibly entertained, either.

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People stop... Harrsion is

People stop... Harrsion is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Better. jus stop. MKG is weak haha. he is A GLUE GUY. im sick of people overhyping him. you people need to see what he really is, a Stacy Augmon, G Wallace, Corey Brewer type guy. MKG jumpshot is garbage. he is tuff and can d up. thats it. damn haha u people funny

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@mikeyV Okay. LoL


Okay. LoL

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I'd take MKG for my team.

I'd take MKG for my team. Barnes may have a smoother jumper and can score better but give me heart and hustle any day !!!

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It's not like Barnes lacks that...

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Isn't anyone worried about

Isn't anyone worried about MKG's size? I know he has a wingspan of 7' but 6'6 is still small for a small forward in the NBA.

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MKG is a more versatile

MKG is a more versatile weapon, but I'd rather have Barnes in terms of the NBA because he will be a better scorer than MKG will. He's not the defender, ball handler or passer MKG is, but he is a better offensive player and he's not a bad defender by any stretch. He also holds his own on the glass and can play in the post. If you need a scorer, Barnes is the better prospect, but if you want a stable role player who is an above average player for a team with a good number of scorers, Kidd-Gilchrist is a great choice. Barnes can do alot of the exact same things Kidd-Gilchrist can though, trust me.

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^ well said. i do not see the

^ well said. i do not see the future all star people see in mkg. i think mkg will struggle to score in the next level, at least his first years. barnes you can't leave open.

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Did that guy just compare G

Did that guy just compare G Wallace to Stacey Augmon and Corey Brewer and get away with it? Wow.

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questions about MKG size? Are

questions about MKG size? Are you kiddin?

he measured as a legit 6'7 and 232pounds that is grown man's body he is also the youngest player in the draft with skinny arms and all frame so even with the big body already he will naturally be even bigger in a couple years

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