Kidd Gilchrist

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Kidd Gilchrist

Is legit , seeing every home game live this season his game steadily increases. Litterally no plays off , lock up defender and is capable of getting 10 boards a night. Had a solid 15 and 9 and impacted the game on each end. At only 19 will he eventually be elite status?

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I'm a huge fan of him, his

I'm a huge fan of him, his skill level is much higher than anticipated, so is his defensive intensity. I believe in a couple years he could be averaging a double double like Gerald Wallace did for Charlotte a few years ago

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I kept changing my mind going

I kept changing my mind going back and forth between him and Harrison Barnes for the top SF in the draft. While I ended up siding with Barnes, they are both really really good.

MKG tonight: 15 and 9

Barnes tongiht: 20 and 12 (game still going)

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I sided with Barnes but MKG

I sided with Barnes but MKG is showing that he is a good player and that he can score points as well. I think considering how the Cats want to play he was a good pick up because he seems to fit the coach style better than Barnes maybe would. I think both team got some great picks and future career starters.

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I would take MKG any day of

I would take MKG any day of the week over Barnes. Stats aside, you can't measure his heart, work ethic and defence.

Bobcats are 5-4.

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Barnes has some of those same

Barnes has some of those same attributes as well....and a jumpshot.

I think you'd be surprised who statistically has been the better defender so far b/t the 2.

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they are too different

they are 2 different players, barnes is similar to danny granger and MKG plays like gerald wallace, this is unrelated to their potentials, just how they play.

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I'd take Barnes over MKG; I

I'd take Barnes over MKG; I still like MKG as a player, but after watching maybe 3-4 Charlotte games this season it's become apparent that his numbers only come from other teams messing up, he's showed me no ability to create his own shot, and I saw him get blocked on a jumper because that hitch slowed him down a split second. He's a great guy to have on your team, but I just don't see the sort of scorer who you can rely upon, just a guy who cleans up; his handle has been less than impressive too, and I'm surprised at that, he also lacks speed in transition, he gets results, but he isn't a monster in transition like he was made out to be.

Barnes on the other hand has improved with every game of his I've seen, he's sufferring right now playing for a Golden State team which lacks structure and is persisting in giving Klay Thompson (who's showing his "production" last season really was just fool's gold) all the shots in the world despite his non-existent driving game and terrible shooting percentages. Still, he's shown himself to be more aggressive off the dribble than I anticipated, and he's doing a solid job defensively, he did a good job on Durant when he was guarding him, despite Durant putting up a triple-double, he wasn't getting easy looks against Barnes.

I think of the two, only Barnes has a shot at being an elite two-way player, MKG is still limited offensively, and I just don't have faith in his ability to fix that hitch.

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maann for the second straigth

maann for the second straigth night i just was going to make a topic and im just a bit late (yesterday it was about Smart) LOL..

i am so so happy Kidd is playing so well..i always had him top3 (and next to Andre not Beal or TRob like media)..

i understand why people thhought he was bad 2nd pick, 6'7 230 isn't great and his skills isn't too..but they hae to realize MKG is THE YOUNGEST player to step on NBA floor in 5YEARS..

and in those 5years (since Durant) no "the youngest in the league" player avg 10or more points, so not to mention his energy, amazing rebounding for his position, his shot blocking(which is the best so far from any SF) his overall skillset is already there considering his age..

and that we have to remember that he measured 6'7.5 with 7' arms and he still might be growing, also he is wide wide kid who is 233pounds of pure strength (his arms is still skinny and looks like both his mouscles and his body can grow alot just by maturing)

i wouldn't be surprised to see him like athletic Ron Artest 6'8 250plus in 5years, i wouldn't be surprised to see him in first all-defensive team or being mentioned as one of rare wing players who can avg double double or have 2 at both blocks and steals like Marion in his prime..and his offensive only will get better with that strong body, hard worker's mentality and also an underrated skillset like playmaking too..

if he keeps it, future allstar for sure

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MKG no dounbt

MKG is a fantastic player. I would choose his athletic ability, defensive intesity, work ethic and heart over any player with Barnes skill set. I think Barnes will be great as well, I just think its easier to imagine MKG developing a solid mid range jumper and tighten up his overall basketball skills in the next few years rather than ever expect Barnes to become as good a defender as MKG is already. And Barnes is a deceptively good athlete but he isnt on MKGs level. Both will be excellent players but id choose MKG. Hes also the youngest player in the league. So hes got insane upside.

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