Kid Clutch vs Mr. Fourth Quarter

Wow. What a game. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving just put on an absolute show in the final 2:50.

Kevin Durant with 7 points in that span and Kyrie with 13 points and an assist in that span as well.

They were trading baskets back and forth until Kyrie went and sliced up OKC's defense 2 straight times for a layup and then hit a dagger in Westbrook's face to seal it.

I really hope a lot of people were watching, because I feel bad for those who haven't seen Kyrie take over a game in a fourth quarter like he did today and countless times before.

Wow. He's going to be something special.

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Kyrie is to damn good...

Kyrie is to damn good... seriously that man is so good.

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Unfortunately the cavs suck.

Unfortunately the cavs suck. Hopefully they can put a winning team around him so he doesn't leave

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I couldn't find video of the

I couldn't find video of the whole 2:50 minute span at the end of the game that included all of OKC's buckets but this one is at least all of Kyrie's ridiculousness.

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This is awesome. Thank you

This is awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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the goosebumps wont go away

the goosebumps wont go away

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Kyrie is going for blood, so

Kyrie is going for blood, so good so young, he's not even 21 yet and he's averaging 24 ppg on 47% shooting. This is unbelievable. His handles are so mesmerizing i probably watched that video at least 4 times, amazing. AND HE'S ONLY 20 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!! Yes they're still losing but this kid is just something else. I really want to see him in the playoffs next year, imagine if the Cavs can put Bazz next to him and Waiters, that wouldn't even be fair. It's waaaaaay to early but if I had to guess he's headed in Kobe/Lebron/MJ/Shaq/Duncan territory. To shoot 47% as a PG? Jason Kidd shot 39% in his first 4 years combined. Allen Iverson shot 41% for his first 8 years combined. Kobe's career best FG% is 46.9%. Kyrie has shot exactly 46.9% this season and last. This kid is unbelievable. Sky is the limit, I hope he's on National Television quite a bit next season, I don't mind watching a sorry Cavs team as long as I get to see this kid.

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im not getting ahead of

im not getting ahead of myself but listen, he is the real deal. next greatest PG to play the game (unless injury occurs which hes suffered a few already) anyways. i think the future is really bright for the cavs with him as their leader. also i dont remember when the PG game was so good. you bave great PGs on many teams. here is who i personally like and think are/will be the best.
derrick rose
kyrie irving
ricky rubio
stephen curry
tony parker (not a fan of his though)
jrue holiday
damian lillard
and yes im a fan of jeremy lin

and i left off:
westbrook not a fan of his game
nash cause hes old
deron williams

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i originally thought Kyrie

i originally thought Kyrie might take a little time to develop in the league but this young stud is the real deal already....

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and to think some ppl had

and to think some ppl had derrick Williams going number one over him.... which didn't make sense to me

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Kyrie is amazing, he is quick

Kyrie is amazing, he is quick like chris paul, but he isnt explosive like derrick rose. He is incredibly crafty and can shoot the lights out, it was incredible watching him close last night. and he is shooting 47% from the field which is really good for a PG who shoots it 18 times a night and has no one to take any of the scoring load off of him. They should try to get an inside scoring threat and draft shabazz or mclemore. then the cavs will be a great team and contend. if Kyrie is forced to do it by himself he will leave because he saw that they never got help for lebron james.

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