KG 25,000 Career Points

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KG 25,000 Career Points

Quick Shout Out to KG who passed 25,000 career points last night in the Celtics win over the Lakers. He is only the 16th guy in NBA history to achieve this feat and should pass Reggie Miller and Jerry West on the all time list by the end of the regular season.

Couple more milestones to keep an eye on, Kobe is only 139 points off 31,000 career points and should get very close or pass Wilt on all time list by end of the season. Dirk Nowitzki is now within 600 points of 25,000 career points so form or fitness permitting could be near that by season end.

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old as ....

i was driving cross county, when KG was drafted, i have watched every draft since 83, I stopped at a little bar in Jackson hole, where i spent the afternoon watching the draft, good memories... oh and did i mention the waitress...?//?

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Pretty good accomplishment for a guy who has been as unselfish as him throughout his career. In his prime he was too unselfish really. But thats just who the guy is. He works hard and only cares about winning.

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