Kevin Olekaibe -- Fresno State -- 43 Points

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Kevin Olekaibe -- Fresno State -- 43 Points

Has anyone been following this guy, he is a combo guard and has been scoring in bunches all season, had 43 last night...might be a bit under-sized at 6-1.

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He looks like a chucker to

He looks like a chucker to me... he was 5 of 15 from 3 when he had 40 and the last two games he scored over 20 pts he also took over 20 shots from the field. Temper your expectations

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yes I have been following him

yes I have been following him watched him last year and I was scouting Greg Smith but really liked that kids stroke. He could be a 3pt specialist in the NBA very good shooter but isnt a very good pg he is much more of a SG IMO even though he disagrees. I posted on twitter last year something like I like that Kevin Olekaibe kids game wish he was 4 inches taller he is too short to play the SG and isnt a pg he would be a solid player and be a NBA player if he was. He responded no doubt Im a pg in a really arrgoant way he has talent but he is just too small IMO and isnt a pg but he can shoot the basketball I love his form.

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