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kevin love

he had an another amazing game...will he ever get a start in an allstar game and will he get a max or close to max contract by the end of january?

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So...we have Madden 12 thread

So...we have Madden 12 thread in the NBA forum and a Kevin Love thread in the Off-Topic section..but both of your questions ould go in the "only time will tell" bracket but I doubt Love will get enough votes in the west to start for a few more seasons

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Yes but No

If players/coaches did the voting he would be an all star starting forward. The problem is All Star games are voted by sixteen year olds and pedestrain fans who only understand highlights and numbers at face value. Love plays both ends of the floor, and means the most to his team out of most power forward in the game. It still doesnt translate for wins in Minny but thats because they arent coached well, they are inexperienced, and talent is thin.

Fans are drawn to B.Griffin because he can jump higher than most. They don't want to see textbook boxing out, and diving head first in the stands for loose balls. The real achievement players want to be associated with is at the end of the season where NBA minds decide 1st 2nd and 3rd teams. He'll be first team no doubt if his numbers are anything like the first couple games he's played this season.

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Wait, if he makes the

Wait, if he makes the All-Star team for teh second time, doesn't that mean that he would qualify for the Derrick Rose exception? If he keeps it up, than some idiot will offer him 5 years 94 million.

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Fans are drawn to B.Griffin

Fans are drawn to B.Griffin because he can jump higher than most.

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