Kevin Garnett Free Agency Options??

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Kevin Garnett Free Agency Options??

So let's face it, there's no realistic chance that the Celtics win a ring this year or that they even continue the Big 3 after this summer. Ray & K.G seem to love Doc Rivers and all that he's done for them, but I think they want more rings & I doubt they stay. I see Ray making a push to the Clips(if they still need him) or to the Bulls(if they can get him).

He turns 36 in the next couple of months. I doubt he takes a reserve role. He holds the retirement possibility, but I doubt he does that as he's shown he can still play pretty well. I think NJ throws money at him, with what they have left, in hopes to bring Deron Williams back.

Spurs have a chance to sign him too if they don't like how Splitter pans out. They could sign him and Duncan to 1-year deals and "try" to make one last push. But after that, I don't know.

So, where could you guys see K.G going and where do you think he'll probably end up?

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Comes back at a discount rate

He will start a power forward or come off the bench. I think he stays at a discount rate. KG has made plenty of money. Not sure if he chases one more or just goes out a Celtic. He is without a doubt still a top 10 defensive player. His D has been great all year, and he is having a better season than he had last year and playing decent minutes.

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You know, it's super unlikely

You know, it's super unlikely the Celtics win... but no chance? Rondo was hurt badly last year when the Heat handled them and they looked great until he went down. It's a longshot, but they have a shot. These are old guys who play better with more rest that the playoffs offer.

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Id love to see KG on the Thunder for a year. They already have a solid 2 in Durant and Westbrook. And I think the leadership and locker room presence would help with the media driven beefs b/t their two stars.

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All those are good options

There is going to be some amnestied guys in the free agent pool also. I like KG in Chicago if they amnesty Boozer. They keeped Asik and Gibson at the trade deadline so adding KG for 5 million and cutting Boozer would make sense. They would be the all time most intense, ready for a bar fight team of all team. Idk if Ray Allen is a option for the Bulls because for some ridiculous reason they gave Rip Hamilton a 3 year 15 million dollar deal. They need a athletic 2 that can defend against the Heat. They both could resign with the Celtics for mle type contracts. I know the Spurs brass always respected KG, so that is a god option you mentioned. KG's ambitions and personality limit him to LAL, CHI, MIA, NYK,OKC and the Spurs. KMart is serious but a different kinda serious than KG, KG can't play with Blake on the same team. If OKC dumps Collison they mite make a run at KG.

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The bulls seem like a likely

The bulls seem like a likely place. Rip is fighting injuries and Boozer is taking heat for his defense. Ray and KG would fit right in. Not sure how much money they would want but if they didn't care about money and just wanted another ring why not the bulls. If you beat the heat in the ECF the only teams you'd have to worry about are the Thunder, Lakers, Clippers ( after season of experience together), Maybe Dallas if Deron Williams signs and Dirk is in shape the whole year.

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id amnesty hamilton before

id amnesty hamilton before boozer

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Either stay with the Celtics or retire. Garnett is all banged up and he has alot of mileage on those knees.

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The veteran FA pool this year

The veteran FA pool this year even if we discount Tim Duncan who will surely remain a Spur for life will be very interesting. Off the top of my head we have - KG, Ray Allen, Marcus Camby, Andre Miller, Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, Jason Kidd, Chauncy Billups, Steve Nash and Grant Hill.

These are the sort of guys that contender teams would love to sign for MLE or below and get a year or two from them. But these type of players in some cases may not want a bench role or need to chase a title so they can pick or choose. KG has only ever played on two teams so may prefer to remain in Boston if they offer him a decent deal. If Kwarme Brown can get $6 million a year and Mr Kardashian $8 million a year then KG could surely be worth at least $9 to 10 million a year on a short term deal.

Unless he took a pay cut and went to Miami to rebound and play defence then I'd assume that he would remain in Boston as I could not see KG coming from a bench as he has started every game since 1996 that he has played in outside of the All Star games. The idea of him teaming up with Tim Duncan would be a great story and no doubt the guys would have huge mutual respect for each other.

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IMO, the only way KG leaves

IMO, the only way KG leaves is if the C's tell him they don't have intentions on running the Big 3 any longer and that he should fiond a better suitor. KG is too loyal to go ring chasing. After all, isn't this the same guy who spent his prime years freezing in Minnesota trying to win with a bunch of scrubs? IMO, he is simly too loyal to leave. He'll stick it out with his "soldiers" and die beside of them. IF, he were to leave or be told he wasn't being resigned, I could actually see LAL as the best suited landing spot assuming Gasol is traded for the pg of the future as is the plan as of right now. Gasol for Rondo/Lowry/DeronW/Curry, sign KG and they ultimately don't really lose all that much in trading Gasol. After all, even in his old age, KG is still a fairly similar layer to Gasol in a 3rd option role. Much less assumably a 4th otion role behind Kobe/Bynum/ and said PG.

Other teams include SAS,Orl,OKC,Phila,LAC.

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