Kevin Durant FA

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Kevin Durant FA

Anyone else think that Durant is the 2nd most valuable free agent next year behind Lebron? He's as good as Wade because of his height and he's younger. Thoughts?

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OKC will not allow him to go

OKC will not allow him to go anywhere. He is a max player. No one is talking about him because next year he will be restricted and also OKC will pay him and he loves it there with some nice young talent.

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is he a FA next year????? if

is he a FA next year?????
if so then i say tie for second with Wade, Wade will be in his prime and he it seems like he just entered the league yesterday he's already what 27,,,,,, i say if u wanna win now and are a piece away then Wade is the way 2 go ,,,,,,, if u wanna build a contender for the future and need a superstar to build round get Kevin Durant ( like OKC, dont see him leaving there to go to another team rebuilding) unless he wants a bigger market or somethin

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He's a completely different type of player than Wade. They are each good in their own respects. Not sure you could sum up who's better. I don't see him leaving Thunder anyways so it really doesn't matter. Wade would most likely leave Miami if he likes an offer. Same with Lebron. But I don't see Durant going anywhere. Plus with the money Thunder have I don't think anyone would really bother trying to outbid.

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He's not a free agent next

He's not a free agent next summer... the 2006 draft class will be...gotta wait another year for teams to make runs at Durant, but I'd be willing to bet he'll sign a contract long before then.

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Durant will be in OKC for a long, long time

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Not next year

not next year, but OKC won't let KD SNIFF free agency.

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Kevin Durant is the most

Kevin Durant is the most popular player on this site HANDS DOWN... he's not gonna be as good as D-Wade by then or now.. and he'll stay in OKC

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he will leave most likely.

he will leave most likely.

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