Kevin Durant ?

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Kevin Durant ?

I wanna see this video of Kevin Durant talking about how he pattern his game after Larry Bird, if anyone can find it for me. Thanks. Larry Bird is my all time favorite player growing up. I have also compared the two saying Bird is the original Durant on here before.

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Kevin Durant is the most

Kevin Durant is the most original player in the nba

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Love Durantula

He's my favorite player in the NBA. I think he and LeBron are today's version of the Magic v. Bird rivalry. I imagine teams with one of those two will be instantly in title contention for the next 10-13 years

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^that's how Kobe and T-Mac

^that's how Kobe and T-Mac should've been...

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That's how Lebron and Melo

That's how Lebron and Melo should have been. Melo was the stone-cold scorer who could pass like Bird, Lebron was the do-it-all oversized point who could score.

Unfortunately, Melo didn't live up to his side of the arrangement in his post-season success, and his inability to work hard in the off-season to improve his conditioning held him back.

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At what point?

Did Melo's passing skills ever get compared to Bird? Melo came into the league a ruthless scorer, he was and is more Bernard King than Larry Bird.

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