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Kentucky Basketball

So lets play around with the idea of some players staying after this season...

Noel, Goodwin and Poythress are out of here... No questions asked! But How about Harrow, Wiltjer and Cauley-Stanley. I really see this happening! Add that along with the Harrison twins, James Young, Marcus Lee and Derek Willis. O, lets not forget about Wiggins, Randle or Gordon because I definitely think one of the three will go to UK! Man, that's a scary thought!

You have the twins at the 1 and 2, Young playing the other wing. One of the three remaining players to decide at the 4 and Cauley-Stanley at the 5. Then to have the others to add depth. Plus some type of leadership in Cauley-Stanley, Harrow and Wiltjer. I'm excited about this year but I can't wait to see how that team is going to pan out. Then Lee and Willis will be staying for another year+... Love college basketball!!!

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Goodwin,Noel,Poythress &

Goodwin,Noel,Poythress & Cauley-Stein will all be lottery picks....Cauley might be top 3 if he comes back next season...But i think he's gone..

Harrow should return..If he decides to leave, it'll be a HUGE MISTAKE!!! He might not get drafted..He appears Too Weak,doesnt have the strength mentally or physically for the nba right now.....

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So your saying stein is a

So your saying stein is a better prospect than Randle, wiggins, Parker, and Noah Vonleh??? Come on now

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its kinda possible

or atleast for him to be in the top 5 as a athletic center prospect for 2024. Would require alot of improvement though with that competition for the first few picks but hell also have experience on his side. Thats one of their main problems now, inexperience.
Im intrigued to see how this season plays out for Harrow.

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