Kentucky All-Star Team

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Kentucky All-Star Team

Just WOW the team Kentucky is going to put on the court is going to be CRAZY. Now I'm expecting Noel/Stein/Goodwin/Poythress on leaving and becoming 1st rounders. Ryan Harrow is definitely not ready for the NBA and I believe another year would help him extremely. The problem with that is the 2013 draft is so weak that he has a better chance being picked this year then the much stronger 2014 draft. Kyle Wijlter I fully expect to stay as I see him becoming a 4-year player a la Kyle Singler where his draft status never really improves and plus I think he really enjoys college. So here's what the upcoming team would look like

C-Dakari Johnson
PF-Marcus Lee
SF-Julius Randle
SG-Aaron Harrison
PG-Andrew Harrison
6th-Kyle Wiltjer
7th-James Young
8th-Ryan Harrow

Andrew Wiggins probably won't be coming to UK but this team right here has to be a early favorite for 2014

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I wonder if UK will play

I wonder if UK will play Randle at the 4 or at the 3...What do you guys think?

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I think James Young should

I think James Young should start, Johnson or Lee should start at C depending on who's more ready:
C Johnson/Lee
PF Randle
SF Young
SG Aaron Harrison
PG Andrew Harrison
If Goodwin stays - he should probably start at SG.

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Randle is going to be a

Randle is going to be a monster next season. I think he's easily better then anyone on the current roster, same with Andrew Harrison. If any of the freshman from this year come back it will be like a super team.

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Kentucky all star team

Maybe with the new dudes coming in next season, hopefully they can beat an Northeast team like Robert Morris???

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I wouldn't pencil that one

I wouldn't pencil that one in. Calipari will still be the coach on the sidelines.
That's what makes the decision even funnier. It's like he tried to time it to see how the teams would fare after their regular season. It didn't matter they didn't even make the tourney, that Kentucky lost to Robert Morris in the NIT, that they were a mediocre team all yr, or that none of the freshmen improved over the course of the season. Randle wasn't paying attention to any of that. The check cleared long time ago.

Dale Worthington
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From Champion to NIT to

From Champion to NIT to Champion.

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Goodwin, Poythress and WCS

Goodwin, Poythress and WCS all said they're returning so add them to that team.

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&$#%#&@! you,

&$#%#[email protected]! you, Kentucky

Sincerely, 346 other D-1 schools

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If Goodwin stays I honestly

If Goodwin stays I honestly feel Calipari will have a 3 guard lineup with Goodwin starting and James Young off the bench as a 6th man who can shoot and score. But dang this team is so stacked if people stay.

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I don't know if Cal will let

I don't know if Cal will let some of them come back. He's going to be having individual meetings where essentially he'll be pushing them to the draft.

The problem is pushing some of these guys out the door will makes things bad for Cal and UK.

The system Cal has been running requires everyone to keep their mouths shut about whatever they are getting under the table, and that only happens when everyone is happy. When people are winning and getting picked in the 1st round, everyone is happy and it's easy for everyone to keep quiet.

When is the team is not winning, and players are getting shoved out, they start to get resentful, feel they got screwed over. And that's when they start talking.

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C Dakari Johnson - 10,3 ppg

C Dakari Johnson - 10,3 ppg 7,1 rpg 1,6 apg 0,6 spg 2,4 bpg in 28-33 min
PF Julius Randle - 16,1 ppg 8,4 rpg 2,3 apg 1,4 spg 1,4 bpg in 34 min
SF James Young - 11,2 ppg 5,2 rpg 1,2 apg 1 spg 0,4 bpg in 30-32 min
SG Aaron Harrison - 9.5 ppg 3,8 rpg 1,8 apg 1 spg 0,5 bpg in 24 min
PG Andrew Harrison - 13,1 ppg 4,8 rpg 5 apg 1,4 spg 0,6 bpg in 32 min

6 Kyle Witje - 9,1 ppg 3,4 rpg 2 apg 0,6 spg 0,6 bpg in 22 min
7 Ryan Horrow - 6,5 ppg 2,1 rpg 3,3 apg 1,2 spg 0,3 bpg in 16 min
8 Marcus Lee - 5,1 ppg 3,8 rpg 0,5 apg 0,4 spg 0,8 bpg in 14 min ( One and Done )

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Your averages

have them at 80.9 points, 38.6 reb, 17.7 ast per game, which this year would have ranked 2nd, 23rd, and 1st in the nation respectively. I understand they are supposed to be really good, but come on, man.

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have them at 80.9 points,

have them at 80.9 points, 38.6 reb, 17.7 ast per game, which this year would have ranked 2nd, 23rd, and 1st in the nation respectively. I understand they are supposed to be really good, but come on, man.

So he under-rated them? Because there's no way this squad isn't 1st in scoring and top-10 in rebounding...

And I am hearing that Wiggins is more likely than not to Kentucky. Know someone "close" to the situation. That's all I can say.

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I'll be surprised if they

I'll be surprised if they actually return.

I tried to break down minutes for all of the players expected to be on the team next year and ended up with:

PG: Andrew Harrison (30 minutes), Polson & Harrow (5 minutes each)
SG: Aaron Harrison (25 minutes), Archie Goodwin (15 minutes)
SF: James Young (20 minutes), Marcus Lee or Randle (not sure which can play SF, but one of them getting 10 minutes there), Poythress and Wiltjer (5 minutes each)
PF: Randle/Lee (total of 30 minutes), WCS (5 minutes), Wiltjer (5 minutes)
C: Dakari Johnson (25 minutes), WCS (15 minutes)

Andrew Harrison: 30 minutes
Aaron Harrison: 25 minutes
Dakari Johnson: 25 minutes
Julius Randle: 20 minutes
James Young: 20 minutes
Marcus Lee: 20 minutes
WCS: 20 minutes
Archie Goodwin: 15 minutes
Wiltjer: 10 minutes
Poythress: 5 minutes
Polson: 5 minutes
Harrow: 5 minutes

I don't see any way that that will actually work out. Somebody's gotta leave, because there's no way any of those guys besides Andrew Harrison and maybe WCS would be happy with the minutes they're getting.

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If they all do return (which

If they all do return (which is highly unlikely, as there are rumors Wiltjer might already be leaning towards Gonzaga) then Wiltjer, Polson and Harrow are not getting any minutes. Backup PG time will go to Aaron Harrison and James Young will play the 2 when Aaron is at the one.

Memphis Madness
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The South Regional is in

The South Regional is in Memphis next year.

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Haha, I like how everyone is

Haha, I like how everyone is trying to hype how good Kentucky's returning players are going to be in comparison to the freshman. When this team just lost to ROBERT MORRIS in the FIRST ROUND OF THE NIT. I would say that at least Randle, the PG Harrison, and James Young are a level up from these NIT guys.

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Call me crazy but I'm not so

Call me crazy but I'm not so sure that Marcus Lee and Dakari Johnson are ready to step onto the floor and immediately start over guys like Poythress and Cauley-Stein. Hypothetically speaking, if all the freshman except Noel return I could see Cal going with a starting lineup of:

Andrew Harrison
Aaron Harrison
Archie Goodwin
Julius Randle
Willie Cauley-Stein

with Young, Poythress, Lee and Johnson getting decent minutes off the bench.

That being said, WCS and Poythress just played a gawd awful game in the NIT.

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