Kendall Marshall combine

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Kendall Marshall combine

Still not sure what to think about his combine numbers. I along with everybody also was probably surprised at his 37 inch max vert and 3.23 3/4 court sprint. I always thought he was never as unathletic and slow as people said he was. He's really a solid athlete. Those numbers will not change the fact that he will really struggle against the elite PG's in the NBA. Quickness really gave him fits at UNC. He was beaten off the dribble consistently by quick guards in the ACC. I think the combine just proved that Kendall is not as bad of an athlete as people thought he was.

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His game is not worthy of a

His game is not worthy of a lottery pick. He really can't score, and in today's NBA, that's like having a first baseman in baseball that can't hit the long ball -- it decreases your value substatially

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Where are the results of the

Where are the results of the atheltic tests?

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He still had some of the

He still had some of the poorest agility of any guard tested.That is more of a guage than straight-line strength to tell how he will be able to stay in front of guys. Marshall and Machado both have horrible agility and will be defensive liabilities.

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Regardless of how athletic he

Regardless of how athletic he is, Marshall's value lies in his PG abilities, which are stronger than everyone elses in the draft. He knows how to lead an offense quickly, efficiently and under control. Anything more than that is an added bonus. He's a guy I can see developing a great 3p shot just to keep defenses honest and really just playing well wherever he ends up... Essentially a solid player. Not a bad type of player to pick up in the draft. I don't see him being a huge defensive liability in the NBA, there is a different style of game played compared to college. Not many even elite defenders can stick with the best ballhandlers on the outside. Marshall is a smart player, doesn't make the huge mistakes and that will serve him well going forward....

Worth mentioning very few of the "elite wing defenders" coming out of college really pan out well in the NBA... As a Wolves fan, Wes Johnson (who I'm not quite willing to give up on yet, he can still fly, just needs to learn how to dribble and play inside the 3p line) and Corey Brewer come to mind..

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I envision him somewhat

I envision him somewhat emulating Jason Kidd as a pass-first point guard. Marshall showed everyone that he has unparalleled vision and passing amongst this class of point guards and like Kidd that will be his bread and butter in the league. At the same time I see him developing into an adequate three point shooter who forces defences to respect his range much like Kidd did

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He is a likely candidate to drop out of the lottery, but he would fit well on New Orleans or Portland.

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Old school PG from back in

Old school PG from back in the day where PG's didn't have to be the #1 scorer and just controlled the tempo of the game and made the rights plays, making their team better.

He's a breath of fresh air from all these athletic PG's who score more than pass and can't control their team. I for one am rooting for him to have a successful career and wish more young kids growing up would play like him instead of trying to be like Westbrook or Rose. He is what a PG should be.

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