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Kemba Walker

Wow. I have been watching Kemba walker all year and if he does not go in the lottery it will be a travesty. He has the tools to be a dynamic NBA player. He has elite speed which is a necessity to deal with the Rose, Westbrook, Williams guys. He is a natural leader. Makes his teammates better. Look at the roster and tell me that besides him what player would get drafted today not in the future. "HEART" he wants the ball and thrives in late game situations, and he never folds when it matters a las Lechoke James. People question his size. JJ Barea gets it done and Kemba is twice the player he is. He can run a team. Will defend and get in your jersey. The most overlooked aspect is his maturity because he is a junior that will graduate early. You know the kid is smart, and will have the maturity to be a young millionaire. Finally him being a 3 year starter he has the mental and physical makeup to survive an 82 game grind.

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