Kemba Walker

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I strongly disagree with

I strongly disagree with that. Kemba Walker can be a starter in the NBA. It's so annoying when people say NBA potential all the time. WTF does that really mean?? It's a factor sometimes but people act like every 6'3 freshman combo guard out there will be a better pro than guys like this who are proving that they can run a team.These are two of the best pg's in the nation. Walker is small but he still has considerable potential. Where are alllllll these guys with so much more NBA potential? I only see a couple.

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Sorry I'm a lil late but

Sorry I'm a lil late but Kemba Walker just ate up Kentucky Wed Night...Is Kentucky and Brandon Knight a good enough team to whip up on before you start understanding Walker's coming of age.?

And if there is a bandwagon for Walker I'm driving it, I have been hyping Walker up for a long time.

Kemba played really well in the 2nd half of last season and got better with every game, I knew if he could carry that momemtum into this season and be a leader you would be looking at one of the most improved guards in the nation. One on One Lucas don't stand a chance against Walker.

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(shoots six shooters in air)

I would like to go on record as saying that Kemba would've been the #2 PG in the 2010 draft.....

who's always right???? and you can't say Hypnotoad b/c he is God.....

All Hail You Lord Hypnotoad....

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JNixon You want to take


You want to take anything you said back? Lmao

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Sometimes people are wrong.

Kemba Walker was better than most of us thought he would be. Good for him.

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wow, so much hate for kemba

wow, so much hate for kemba walker

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If not for Kemba Walker being superman, the following would not have happened -

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