Kemba Walker

Okay, i wasnt really big on this kid, but he is legit for a freshmen. he can get to the hole anytime he wants and is lightning quick. He probably will stay this year in college because he will be the floor leader for them next year. I would love to see him develop a jumpshot but he has big potential to be great. kemba walker is going to be great when he does decide to enter the draft, which is probably next year or the year after that. what do you guys think?

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This Kid Got potential

Offensivly his got some game Definatly got some potienal for the next step. See how he does without the big Thabeet next yeat then will see how good he is

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the next level

He definately has all the physical tools needed to be successful at the next level, but its a whole different game in the NBA and he wont be able to get to the basket at will like he can now. If he stays in college another year and continues to develop a jump shot, he'll be a definite lottery pick in '10 because he can play D with the best of them. He can be like a sheron collins and play behind a legit point guard for a year and then take over the team as his and boost his draft status

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he wil definately stay

I dont think he has any intentions of leaving, He can take the helm at UConn while they build around him. They have some good recruits, redshirts, and underclassmen coming back to be a ranked team next year, then maybe another year to make a title run. Bieng the best player on a Uconn final four quality team gets you in the top 10 IE Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Ben Gordon and Emeka Okafor, Rudy gay and almost charlie villanueva. AJ price is possibly playing himself into the first round after everything he has been through there, thats pretty wild. Kemba Walker looks legit though, he seems like a little scrappier Johny Flynn to me. I don't think he is 6'1, he looks really small on tv, and in a good shot i saw that he was a solid 2 or 3 inches shorter than price. But thats what the combine is for.

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I love the way he plays but i would like to see a little more consistent games from his part. But I would love to see him and stanley robinson come back next year and be a very solid team.

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He showed out yesterday...he looks like the best underclassman at point in the nation (of all returning pg's). A future lottery pick and starter in the league. Super athlete,just needs to shoot better.

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personally I like Walker

personally I like Walker over Flynn in the long run

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He is better than Flynn. I think he is the best pro prospect on that team.
A healthy TJ Ford...maybe a better scorer/shooter.

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