KD and LeBron double-double watch

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KD and LeBron double-double watch

LeBron at 24.6/9.4
KD at 24.2/10.3

highly unlikely either guy pulls it off, but we'll see

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perkins is not a profound

perkins is not a profound rebounder nor is ibaka...with ibaka going up to contest shots and not being able to get good position for the defensive rebound...KD is coming down to crash the boards more. its no fluke he is avging this many rebounds.

LBJ...they now start with only one big compared the other years where they would have a defensive center. battier is not going to grab rebounds and that leaves only lebron and bosh to do all of the work.

maybe they wont get 10+ rbs at the end of the year but surely they will be close

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For Lebron this isn't much of

For Lebron this isn't much of a surprise, he averaged 9.7 RPG in 24 playoff games last year (albeit with 42 MPG). Ever since Miami has gone with small lineup full time (With Bosh at center and Battier and LBJ int he frontcourt), Lebron has become a monster on the boards. I think he'll end the year averaging around 9 RPG, and I think in a few years he might hit 10 RPG.

Durant was the top rebounding SF in the league last year with 8 RPG and as he matures into a more well rounded player that should only increase. I think he will end the year with about 9 RPG as well.

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