Kasey Hill vs Pookie Powell

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Kasey Hill vs Pookie Powell

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Kasey Hill is my favorite

Kasey Hill is my favorite point guard prospect since Derrick Rose. More than Wall. More than Irving. He's got such a patient, balanced, and complete game. He's fast, very athletic, can shoot, has excellent court vision, but what really stands out is his change of pace and his basketball IQ. I think he's a cant miss, top-5-point-guard-in-the-NBA type of prospect. Think Eric Bledsoe with Irving's IQ.

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Agreed... His change of

Agreed... His change of direction is best in HS.

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Love Kasey Hill, hes a mix

Love Kasey Hill, hes a mix for me between Rondo and Kyrie

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he reminds me

of Jay Williams that went to duke, maybe not as strong tho

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