Kansas Jayhawks returning 5 starters

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Kansas Jayhawks returning 5 starters

Well looks like tha Jayhawks r returning all 5 starters from a team made it to tha sweet 16, and lost to Michigan State a team who made it to tha title game............ They r clearly looking to b tha Preason #1 favorites... My question is do u believe all tha hype this early, or do u think they will be a Disappointment?

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There no doubt there going

There no doubt there going to be a solid ball club. I dont see how they could do any worse than they did this year. They will be solid

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they are my preseason number 1

Im not a Jayhawks fan by any means, but I do think that they will be the team to beat. Especially if they add Xavier Henry. My one concern with the team is that they don't have enough proven talent outside of Aldrich and Collins. There deep freshman class showed alot this year, but part of me thinks thier success was more a result of a top heavy big 12 with a lot of weak teams than thier overall strength. There shooting doesn't seem to be at an elite level either, but Aldrich and Collins will be first team aa i think and great. I think there a half step below what Carolina was this year, Kansas of last year, and Florida the year before. Kansas seems out in front though, followed by as much as I hate to say it, Duke, and from there, I think Carolina and Michigan State are the other two contenders. All of this of course depends on how recruiting and the draft play out.

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Xavier Henry NEEDS to go to

Xavier Henry NEEDS to go to Kansas...they would be sick.

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