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Kansas is my early favorite to win it all this year. They are really deep with veterans and a bunch of athletes who can run, defend, and create their own shots. They have a number of solid bigs, Withey, Traylor attacks the offensive glass(monster dunk just as I am writing this), Wesley, Ellis. They have great guard and wing play as well with Johnson, Releford, and McLemore, kevin young also as a combo forward. Elijah Johnson is a good number one option but I would like to see Ben McLemore take over at some point and be the go-to-guy.

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anything is possible,

anything is possible, personally i wouldnt bet $ on kansas to win it all but they definitely have the potential to go very far in the tourney. McLemore is a beast!!!

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This is as wide open of a

This is as wide open of a title race as I've seen as a fan. A lot of very good teams but no great teams

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Elijah and Withey need to

Elijah and Withey need to lead this team until the freshman get their feet under them. There is no real number 1 scoring threat on this team, and the penetration of Tyshawn Taylor will be sorely missed throughout the course of the season. When the shot clock was winding down, you could always bank on TT getting into the lane and either finishing with a lay-up or going to the line. As you saw tonight, we really don't have a go to guy (yet) who can go get us a bucket when we need one the most.

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Traylors block on that dunk

Traylors block on that dunk attempt was nasty

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