Kalin Lucas

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Kalin Lucas

I was just watching the State v UConn and I was wondering why Kalin Lucas isnt mentioned as one of the top point guards in college basketball and what everyone thinks about his potential as a pro.

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You're absolutely correct. I

You're absolutely correct. I first really heard about this guy in January. At the time, his assist to turnover ratio was about 4 to 1, but nobody took him seriously, and all he has done is lead his team to the national championship game.

Here's an added point for free.

You want to know why Tom Izzo isn't mentioned among the NCAA's top coaches (which he is)? Because the last two times he has taken his teams to the Final 4, they were unhearled teams who snuck up on people. Nobody had expected much from the teams and they overachieved.

He may be the best coach in the nation with 5 final four appearances in the past 11 years.

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Kalin lucas absolutely outplayed A.J. Price and Kemba Walker

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kalin is a great shooting guard Ilove u it is a strong player and a good prospect and mstate i a good team more phisical and Izzo IS One of best coach in ncaa

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he is super quick, he has everything you would look for in an NBA point guard except about 2 inches of height

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Very interesting prospect

His play will get him attention. I'm not sure if I'm buying as a GM; I'd have to see workouts with NBA players. But, he has done literally everything he can to get himself noticed. Great, underrated college player. I'd like to see him catch on in the NBA, if just a backup at the least.

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Kalin Lucas probably is underrated because the other great point guards are seniors and they have more career stats than Kalin Lucas.

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he didnt get the attention

he didnt get the attention because this is a point guard draft. next year he should be a first rounder in draft with fewer good points

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Hope he goes next season...

...because my Wolverines will have a better chance to beat State if they don't have Lucas running the point

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kalin lucas is as good of a PG as any in college. but he is as good as he is going to get. prior MSU teams have used great college pg's cleeves, neitzel etc, and all have faired quite well but they all reached their ceilings before leaving east lansing. Lucas will get brought into some summer league teams and bounce around a little but teams are usually more enamored by guards with freaks size or athleticism rather then actual skill, ask marcus banks

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Good kid and a Fine Player

They have themselves one heck of a player at MSU. They need to enjoy him because I'm guessing he comes out after next season.

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