Julius randle comparison

randle is hard to compare. when i watch him he reminds me of a bigger grant hill in some ways. he is able to play the perimeter and has good ball handling skills and passing ability for a player his age and size, not to the level of lebron but better than the typical combo forward. hes also a very aggresive and creative scorer. the one thing is he should sure up his defence more.

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Reminds me of josh

Reminds me of josh smith/Chris webber. He can become the next great hybrid forward like those guys or he can be (gulp) another Terrence jones.

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yeah i like that comparison

yeah i like that comparison josh smith/chris webber/and royce white

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He is a big kid and will

He is a big kid and will ofcourse have a game of his own. HOWEVER if I had to chose a player to compare him to, I think that you could see a bit of Zach Randolph in there, except with more above the rim tendencies, and ofcourse a less polished post game. Make no mistake people often think that by a comparison we imply that they play at the same level, but notice that the z-bo of today came a long way, and in his rookie a year, as with most other great players, people compared him to prior players.

I just think that Julius has allstar potential nd more because of how talented and hard working he is. He has amazing physical tools for the PF spot and his skill set is crazy. A more athletic, less skilled Zach Randolph comes to mind.

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J Smith/Webber/Bosh/Randolph

J Smith/Webber/Bosh/Randolph

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I wish Harden all the luck in

I wish Harden all the luck in the world, but I can't shake the feeling he's going to underwhelm as a first option.
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