Juan'ya Green: 6'3 rookie PG

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Juan'ya Green: 6'3 rookie PG

6'3 rookie PG averaging 18pts - 4.5ast - 3rebs - 2stls - 3.5 TOs on 40fg%


any1 knows anything about his game?

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He seems another combo guard... may good depending on his point guard skill... otherwise i may be wrong but don't see nothing absolutley special. However i saw him in action only few times....

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I played against him in highschool. He was highly ranked recruit in middle school and in early highschool but he blew out his knee.

I have heard bad things about his grades, and that is why he went where he did.

He is flat out good. I played highschool basketball with Amile jefferson, Devin Coleman, and a lot of other d-1 players. He went off against us. He had like 37.

He is a good player, but he is not tall enough to be a 2 in the leauge, and did not really have any point guard skills.

He can get the rim at will, and is explsoive, but he used to be way more explosive before he blew out his knee.

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This kid never blew out his

This kid never blew out his knee. He hurt his foot in highschool.

He went where he went because of his homie Ameen from Imotep. They committed together

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Good Find

I have never heard of this dude but I love his game! Very crafty and has a nice handle. Im a PG so I favor " Pass First " players more cause that's how I play. He reminds me of Scoop Jardine

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