Jrue Holiday, First round pick?

Will Holiday be able to get a team to guarntee him a lottery selection? What are the chances he stays in the draft......... I think he will end up staying in the draft even though he shouldn't

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i believe he might be a

i believe he might be a lottery pick (if gerald henderson can be projected as 8th overall anythings possible)

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Ya lol true

Ya lol true

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Top 10

I think the dude will be a top ten selection just based on the comparisons to Westbrook.

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Not Ready

I watched him a few times this year, and I'm not sure he should even be in the top 20 in this years draft. The comparisons to Westbrook are foolish- he doesn't play that good of defense and he isn't the same athletic specimen. I think he could use another year in college to adjust to the speed of the game, at times this year he just looked lost. It's obvious that the talent and skill is there he just needs to hone in on that potential.

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i think if he is

if he is drafted n tha 1st round it jus based on potential bcuz he didnt do hardly enuff this year. When u think about it this guy was highly regarded and really didnt step up to tha plate like expected, he def. needs to come back for his soph. year and prove himself

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He isnt a lottery pick. Westbrook??? Come on guy, he isnt even close to being as good an athlete as Westbrook. He should get picked by a championship contender in the late 1st round, but he isnt impressive to me at all. He is pretty much just like any other freshman to me. He isnt great at anything, he is just ok at everything.

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