Jrue Holiday

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Jrue Holiday

I know it's slill early in the season, but I have a question: Is Jrue Holiday an all star (reserve)?
Or is he just MIP?

He has pretty good stats ( and with Rose injured, one spot needs to be filled in the east.

Other players who (could) make the team: D-Will, Wade, Rondo, Wall, Jennings, Ellis, Irving, Joe Johnson, Jeff Teague.

So what do you all think?

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Sixers are winning. We have

Sixers are winning. We have to have at least one all star. The way Jrue and ET are playing i would assume one of them gets the nod

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Statswise he's looking good,

Statswise he's looking good, but he needs to cut down his turnovers! He's leading the league with 4.5 a game

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At this point I think Jrue

At this point I think Jrue should be in there over Wade and Teague.

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Jrue must be an MIP contender

Jrue must be an MIP contender and I also agree that Evan Turner could have a shot at this. If Philly are still having a winning season come All Star game level then they deserve representation from the roster outside of Bynum whatever his staus is then.

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I knew since we drafted him

I knew since we drafted him that he had this potential hes only 22 and after Griffin and Harden u gotta think Holiday and Rubio would go 3 n 4 if the draft were done over.

If u ask me before the year if Holiday had a better chance of averaging 20 points or 10 assist I'd say Jrue would avg 20 before he'd average 10 assists this year. Jrue can score from any spot of the floor with either hand he's strong long smart and ambidextrous. But he's never shown on any level this kind of prolific passing ability.

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