Jrue Holiday

1. Jrue is going to contribute right away on D llll.
2. He will learn his roll in th Offence, and be a great scorer(in due time)
3. Im pretty sure he will be able to start at the PG(in due time)

Great Player/Project to work on.

Will be a scorer on this powerhouse team(i hope)

So do you like the pick.......I dont, but I want him to prove me wrong

Tha King2121
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O....and the key is to make him a True PG.

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Jrue Holiday longterm development...

I love the pick...
I mean getting top 10 talent that low in draft seems like a great pick..

plus for some reason i can EASILY see comparisons to a young rajon rondo... both long athletic guys... coming in known more for their defense... weak jumpers... yet HUGE upside...

i wouldnt want him to become a proven scorer in my mind, as i think our team would def benefit from a point who is content with just runnin' the offense a la Andre miller... however double digit scoring will def be attainable for him, and your right his impact on defense will be an immediate help

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Jrue's future

1. Lou Williams could be the equivalent of Delonte West for Rajon Rondo. A guy who shouldn't be a starter, but gives Jrue motivation to get better.
2. Once we find a way to ship off Lou (Not because of lack of talent, he has plenty, more cause he does not fit.) Jrue should be ready to play, just like Rondo was for the Celtics.

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Shoot, I don't see the point of having Jrue sit on the end of the bench... why not have him start off the year in the D-League?? Not a bad idea,
1. Gets experience
2. If anyone gets hurt we can bump him up and he should be ready.


Tha King2121
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Hard Move but he shhould test the waters

Put him right in the NBA. Y not gotta learn the hard way lol

We need to sign a backup PG

Jrue dont cut it yet

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I like lou Williams

Lou williams got more handles than Jrue Holiday he's more athleic better jumpshor holiday might got better d but lou defense is decent and holiday is the better passer that's about it. i rather have lou

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Holiday is a tweener

- Ability to get to free throw line
- Go-to scoring mentality
- Not a true point guard
- Stuck between 1 and 2
- Limited upside?
- Not always assertive
- Not ready to contribute immediately
- College system makes him difficult to evaluate
- Jack of all trades, master of none?
- Not productive enough
- Relatively unproven
- Tweener?
- Average athleticism
- Average explosiveness
- 3-point range
- 3-point shooting percentages
- Free throw shooting
- Pull-up jumper

- Executes offensively
- Pick and roll play
- Versatility
- Ability to create own shot
- Change of gears/Hesitation moves
- Ability to fight through screens
- Ability to get in passing lanes
- All-around defense
- Defensive awareness
- Defensive fundamentals
- Lateral quickness
- Off-ball defense
- Versatility to defend multiple positions
- Basketball IQ
- Likelihood of reaching potential
- Role-player potential
- Unselfishness
- Winning mentality
- Work ethic
- Positional versatility
- Young for class
- Court vision
- Solid passer
- Ability to finish around basket
- NBA body
- Size for position
- Wingspan
- Excellent rebounder

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JRUE!!!!! He is working out

JRUE!!!!! He is working out pretty well as the PG of the future right now I'd say.

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