JR Smith and Cousins

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JR Smith and Cousins

JR wasent nearly as scrutinized as Cousins for being a difficult player to coach but there were character concerns in his career . Now under Mike Wolfson he's playing great and is more low profile of the court. Some times a coach can make all the difference. Or a situation change Andre Blatch?

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i think it comes down to them

i think it comes down to them risking losing money more then anything. If they see thier time dropping and suspensions piling up and potential for a lucrative deal going down the drain, that tends to change athletes.

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Cousins is only acting up

Cousins is only acting up because he is on a bad team that keeps losing and he doesn't know how to control his emotions. Put him on a team like the Spurs or Celtics and he will blossom into the superstar he can be

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I agree. Imagine him under KG

I agree. Imagine him under KG and Doc's wing or Pop's and Duncans. I don't think he will ever straighten out though under the Kings management.

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Someone like Cousins would

Someone like Cousins would probably do better with the intense style that the Celtics play with, compared to the more mellow spurs IMO

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I don't think people are

I don't think people are thinking right when it comes to DeMarcus Cousins. I keep reading Cousins being compared to a young Zach Randolph, JR Smith or Rasheed Wallace, but he needs to be compared to guys like Ron Artest and Delonte West. He has some sort of mental issue. It's more than him just being feisty, competitive and playing with an edge.

The organization and structure is important, but look at a player like Delonte West. He played for two great organizations (Celtics and Mavs) and still couldn't act right. What these guys needs is consistent great therapy/counseling and medication IF need be...

I don't think fines, suspensions, etc will help Cousins. He's had those already.

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Difference is JR, took a 2 year not even 6 million dollar deal

llperez is right. Look at the production the NBA is getting from some of the shooting guard free agents this year. CJ Miles 2 mill, JR 3 mill and Mayo 4 mill. They all accepted two year deals that were low ball offers. Its because they had either character, shot selection, attitude and or work ethic concerns. The biggest thing is they hated to drive to the rack, this year all those guys have decided to add that to their game. It was always available they just didn't want to. They are guys who had bad metric stats over the last few years also. Mostly because they had bad shot selection and became hired guns. When they went city to city GMs would pull out the spread sheets and say there is no way you can get a 4 year 24 million dollar deal in the new CBA NBA. They all are starting to buy into what and when is a good shoot. They had to or face the same reality in 2 years. Especially JR Smith, he is playing amazing, he knows when to chuck and when not to, how to control pace and to trust his other players when swinging the ball. I have seen about 4 Knick's games and this season he is playing with an almost Ginobilli like basketball IQ.

Can Cousins do the same. It will be harder to break and reinvent him because bigs will always get paid. Think about Beasley, he got 3 years and 18 million, despite not consistently putting up better numbers than any of those 2 guards or even better Javelle Mcghee. Kostas Koufus got the same offers as JR Smith. Cousin is going to get a max offer when he is up for restriction whether or not he changes. So chances are he won't change to much because their is know adapt or die trigger for him to evolve.

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Cousins needs someone like

Cousins needs someone like Coach Wolfson.

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hahaha thought i was the only

hahaha thought i was the only one who saw that

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