JR Smith

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JR Smith

Broke the NBA single game record by attempting 22 THREES in a game. Wut. I'll give him that he made 10 of them, and that's a shockingly good percentage for such an absurd number of attempts. But he still only scored 33 points on 28 shots...not efficient at all. He and 'Melo combined for 45 points on 45 shots.

I don't know about y'all, but I'd hate being JR Smith's teammate. It's like he doesn't have any control over his shot selection...he makes Nick Young look like Manu Ginobili sometimes from a b-ball IQ standpoint, lol

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I don't know why people would

I don't know why people would neg you on that post because you're absolutely right. What kind of guy takes 22 3's in a game? Not a guy playing for his teammates, that's for sure. Mike Woodson obviously has no control over this guy and I don't care how much better the Knicks have been playing recently, that roster is an absolute disaster.

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watch the game

If you watch the game it was perfectly fine. Yes he took 22 threes but he was hot early and was making most of them. Once they were down by like 10 with a few minutes left he had no choice but to jack up some more shots to try to get back into the game. Melo wasnt feeling it and no one else took the iniative.

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And there's to show that

And there's to show that statlines do not mean anything if you don't watch a game.

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Couldn't agree more

The Knicks are actually in a decent spot for the future though, they just need to be patient and not screw it up. By all means have a crack at getting to the playoffs this year, they don't own their pick anyway and need to try and convince 'melo to stay so why not. But then next year they've got some big contracts becoming expirings which they might be able to ship for assets like second rounders or just wait on. Then they'll have the option of either going for free agents (if 'melo stays) or bottoming out (if he goes, I dont see him being keen for 3-4 year rebuild).

I would have though that New York are one of the few teams that can afford to bottom out and build through the draft; they have a big fan base, money and can, unlike the small market teams, eat the cost of going down for 2-3 years in order to come back up. The problem is there's always the chance they'll make some bad contract decisions trying to get 'melo to stay.

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Gotta agree with njhall here

He actually took a lot of really good catch and shoot shots and that why his percentage was pretty good on 3's. Doug Collins made a joke about how the metric guys would love JR Smith's shot selection, sarcastically saying those would have been 15 two's in 22 shots. That line of sarcasm towards metrics is why he is out of a job. The joke is on him and everybody that thinks hitting 10 of 22 3's in a game is a bad thing for a team that doesn't get fast break points.

I am not a fan of JR Smith in general as a person, a player and as a personality in a locker room but watching that game I kept thinking if he did this every game the Knicks and any team for that matter would be so much better.

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Smith has always had the potential to be the best SG in the game. I'm not crazy. He's always had the potential to. A man with his size and athletic gifts could dominate any given night. Could. We've all seen his acrobatic layups, his physics-defying shots, the jaw-dropping plays that we can't help but say " DO THIS MORE OFTEN " afterwards. If he had a better work ethic and a freaking brain, he'd easily be the best SG in the league. I wish he were more disciplined. He has the ability to be a lockdown defender too. He can make any shot on the court, but he just takes the stupidest ones available. We saw a glimpse of what he could do today, and I wish he'd do it more often.

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Yup Ive always said from


Ive always said from talent alone JR Smith has as much ad anybody and def could be a top 3 SG in the league.

Bball IQ and off the court problems just wont allow it

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The Knicks have too many

The Knicks have too many offense first guys. When they are on the defensive end, it looks as though they just want to get it over with and go back to score. They don't have nearly enough ball movement, and both Carmelo and JR Smith always seem content with long contested two's.

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