JR Smith

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JR Smith

JR Smith has been on an incredible tear recently, 25.6 points, 6.2 rebounds on 53.6% shooting. His increased agressivenenss had lead to him taking less threes and taking more free free throws. Tonight was case in point, 37 points 12-18 from the field 11-12 from the line. Finally, the Knicks are 28-4 when JR shoots above 50%. When he does his best Dwayne Wade impression, the Knicks are very hard to beat, with two of the most naturally gifted scorers in the league. Health permitting, and JR focused, I think this team is a legit threat to ANYONE in the league, but frighteningly, their chances hinge squarely on JRs erratic shoulders.

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6th Man

Im not sure about all of that, but Im thinking he has completely locked up the 6th man of the year award

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I like JR Smith, but hasn't

I like JR Smith, but hasn't this been said about him every year he's been on a playoff squad?

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Yeah, at this point, he is

Yeah, at this point, he is what he is. Extremely talented guy that just can't put it together in his crazy head lol. He'll definitely win the Knicks some games, but he'll likely lose them some games as well.

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He would seem a lock for 6th

He would seem a lock for 6th man of the year award but the play offs are a different beast and this year the Knicks will be expected to have a play off run, in the previous two years they had match ups against high seeds. This year they look likely to be 2nd or 3rd seeds so they will probably get Boston or Atlanta, Boston could be a mega match up with two very experienced rosters going toe to toe.

J.R Smith is the Knicks X-Factor who they can throw in to chase games but in play offs you'd expect Melo to play huge minutes and they will often go to the vets down the stretch.

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