Josiah Turner Update.....

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Josiah Turner Update.....

Got a contract for his overseas team(Albacomp/Hungary) But asked to be released for personal reasons(What's new?)

Don't know where he's going to go from here, but he has a looooooooooooooonnnnng road ahead of him to the NBA, should have just stayed in school!

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So much talent

So little in his head, what a waste!

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The Truth

The truth is, he was never really that good. He slid through the cracks on the strength of early hype and decent athleticism. Everyone was holding their breathe waiting for him to live up to the hype but it never happened.

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What a waste of talent, his

What a waste of talent, his weed and alcohol addictions really f#cked up his career!

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This surprised me so very

This surprised me so very little, I remember watching one of his first college games during the lockout and writing a scouting report based on his game against Valpo which went like this:

"Absolutely failed to meet expectations. For a so-called "pure" point guard he didn't create for others very well and struggled to finish at the rim. However, he did show the ability to get to the basket at least, which is a good sign. But from all accounts since the game against Valpo things have gone downhill for him."

To think people were saying this guy was going to be a lottery pick...

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