Josiah Turner

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Josiah Turner

Does anybody else remember when this website projected him as a lottery pick for the 2012 NBA Draft? Well now with him automatically eligible for this year's draft after going pro, he has an over 99% chance of going undrafted. He had a very disappointing freshmen season at UA where he struggled on the court and was constantly getting suspended and benched. After he got kicked off of Arizona's team, he made the decision to transfer to SMU then changed his mind and decided to go pro. Turner then left his Hungarian team before the first regular season game. Then signed with the Halifax Rainmen in the Canadian League and then was cut by them due to his actions on and off the court. After getting cut by them he was then picked up by another Canadian team where he still remains.

Here's some highlights of his AAU days where he was the 15th Ranked player in the HS class of 2011

I was a big fan of Josiah during his one and only college season because of the fact that I'm also from Northern California. A few months ago I met a girl who also went to Sacramento High School with him and she told me that he was just a troubled person around campus and the reason why he got kicked off of Sac High's basketball team his senior year was because him and a few other players came to practice intoxicated (which was never released why he was removed from his high school team). The only chance of Josiah Turner getting drafted in this upcoming draft is if a team decides to make a "joke pick" like in 2011 when Alter Majok who sat the bench for UCONN and then went pro like Josiah got drafted. Or when the Nuggets took Chukwudiebere Maduabum who averaged less than a point in 3 D-League games. It's amazing how your actions off the court can affect your talents on the basketball court and with all the talent Josiah Turner had, he wasted all of it by making dumb decisions.

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Even with his his head on

Even with his his head on straight he reminded of former UA PG Mustafa Shakur. 6'4 PG who was overhyped coming out of high school. Both had all good size, decent handles, average passing ability, played out of control at times and couldn't shoot. Granted we only got to see one year of him I didn't see what all the fuss was about in that one year, and I'm a Zona fan who watched virtually every game. So i'd like to adjust you're statistic to 99.99% he doesn't get drafted.

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