Josiah Turner

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Josiah Turner

What's up with him since he left Arizona to play pro ball in Canada? Will he continue to play there after the season or declare for the draft?

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He's irrelevant

He's irrelevant

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He won't get drafted, he

He won't get drafted, he coulld have stayed at SMU and learned from Larry Brown, now he'll have I spend at least 5 years in the D league or Europe before even getting a look.

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He's a longshot to make it.

He's a longshot to make it. He's got red flags all over the place and he wasn't even all that good.

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He ruined his life and career

He ruined his life and career that's what? Nick Turner and Gabe York are both so much better and scouts are calling them 2nd round picks. I doubt Josiah Turner ever makes it to the league his only hope was letting Larry Brown coach him up. To many talented guards around nowadays.

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Hard to believe that he was

Hard to believe that he was mentioned as a possible lottery pick coming out of high school...I didnt know what they were looking at!!

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@mr 19134

Do you mean Nick Johnson?

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