Josh Smith again............

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Josh Smith again............

So Smith was suspened for 'Conduct Detrimental To The Team'. I think this just cements his depature before the trade deadline. What do you all think are good moves Atl can get?
I think Atlanta was hoping that they could scoop up Howard and CP3, but I doubt CP3 leaves LA, and I think Howard ultimately stays as well bc of the $$$.

And please, stop with the Smith for Gasol rumors. Magic mentioned it and people ran with it, but Magic to me is one of those ex-ballers who should not discuss managment of a team. Atlanta would not want Gasol. Smith and LA would be a good fit, but only in 3+ Team deal where younger players and/or picks goes to Atlanta.

Here are a couple ideas I have, pls tell me what you think and as well leave your trade ideas.

1. Philly gets: Josh Smith
Atlanta gets: Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, 2013 pick

Philly- Holiday-Richardson-Turner-Smith-Bynum. Athletic, young, talented team. Set for now and the future.

Atlanta- Various lineups, but now have a legit center, so Big Al can move back to PF. I also thik they mesh well since on offense Al prefers to play inside and Hawes the high post. Hawes contract expires next year so not a big deal if it doesnt work out. Young also moves to his true poisition of SF. Big plus is Philly 1st rounder (Goes to Miami this year if its not a lotto pick). Atlanta also will have cap space this summer.

2. Nets gets: Josh Smith
Atlanta gets: Kris Humphries, Marshawn Brooks

Nets- Williams-Johnson-Wallace-Smith-Lopez.
Nets keep trying to swing for the HR. Smith will play alongside Lopez for the rest of the season, which could be pretty good. But the big picture again with be Howard. They appearantly have cooled down on Howard, but has Howard cooled down on them? He still would love to play with DWill, he still would love to play in Brooklyn, and now he gets to play alongside his BFF Josh Smith. I can see a sign and trade for Howard where Brooklyn sends Lopez and Teletovic to LA, who are D'Antoni type of players. Howard may be worth more, but Lakers more than likely would oblige a sign and trade request.

Atlanta- This really isnt that appealing of a deal for Atlanta, but they get a young SG prospect in Brooks. Could be nice to see what he can do with starter's minutes. Humphries has 12mill that expires after next year which is always attractive to teams and probably can be used in future deals. I can see Indy being interested in Humphries next year, esp if they decide to move Granger's contract. Nets will probably have to give up picks and cash to make this more appealing.

Thoughts? And pls post some of your own ideas.

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How about to the

How about to the Nuggets?




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Atlanta would likely make

Atlanta would likely make that deal as long as they believe Javale McGee will grow up, but I doubt Denver would unless they want to clear salary cap. Denver has Faried at power forward currently and Galinari and Brewer are key players in their rotation.

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Even with this incident, I

Even with this incident, I wouldn't trade Smith unless I got an offer I couldn't refuse *Brando voice*. If it is a real possibilty that he may help in the defection of Dwight to the Hawks, I say keep him around and I would pay J-Smoove too. Kid does everything on the court (well, except make 3's).

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Idk, Josh Smith is the best

Idk, Josh Smith is the best player on the Hawks don't get me wrong, but he's a ball stopper, last night against the Nets the Hakws ran them out the gym!

How? Because they put the ball in Jeff Teagues hands and let him do his thing, Smith takes away from Teague as I was saying last year, Teague doesn't have that same comfort zone when Smith is on the floor, he defers soooo much to him and in a way it hurts the Hawks, when you have a guard as fast and quick as Jeff Teague you must let him push the tempo, and he does at times but for the most part he defers to Smith, even letting him bring the ball up at times.

Teague by the way had 28 points and 11 assist last night in a blow out win over the Nets.

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All the teams need to get

All the teams need to get healthy, but what about
Gasol to Minnesota
Barea, Smith to Lakers
Williams, Pekovic to Hawks.

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I like this deal. I think

I like this deal. I think Minny would package Pek and Williams together since they would rather not pay Pek the type of money that he would command this off season. I know Khan wants Gasol as well, but what about Pek, Williams, and cap filler to Phx for Gortat, Scola, and Brown? Scola and Gortat can start while Love is out, then Scola the 6 man when Love returns. Brown and Shved can split 2G duties.

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In any deal for josh smith,

In any deal for josh smith, Atlanta woul be looking for a true center so they can move al Horford back to his natural 4 position

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Of Course a Center

What about this 3 teams deal:

Lakers Get- Josh Smith (Nash-Kobe-Artest-Smith-Howard)
Nuggets get- Gasol (Lawson-Iggy-Gallonari-Faried-Gasol)
Hawks get- McGee and Chandler

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