Josh Shipp

D Hamp
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Josh Shipp

Wow, I almost forgot that Josh Shipp is in the draft. I haven't heard anyone speak of him in weeks.

Well, he has experience and is an UCLA product. The Lakers love former UCLA players. Maybe they will draft him and or Darren Collinson.

Athletically, I think he is one step below the NBA level and sometimes I question his heart and demenor, but I wouldn't mind him getting drafted.

It may be off to the D-league for him.

Thoughts anyone?

D hamp.....Hubie Brown

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I don't really know much

I don't really know much about him but from what I can remember, I don't believe he has any skills that really translate to the NBA. He could be a D-League player for sure though.

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I like the guy and he can do some things pretty well. But he does'nt blow anyone away with his athleticism. He will probably have to make money overseas or in the nbdl like his older brother.

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not drafted

He'll be one of the bigger names on the list of guys not drafted. He'll get an invite from someone to play in their summer league, either that or sign overseas.

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No NBA in his future

He is too slow for the NBA, and he has no NBA-level skill, intangible, or athleticism

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