Josh Pastner

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Josh Pastner

He finally got his first win against a top 25 team.

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Top 5 win for the Tigers...nice way to bounce back from that thumping earlier.

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Yep, against one of the best

Yep, against one of the best teams in the nation as well. Great job by Memphis to bounce back from that embarrasing loss to OSU a couple weeks ago. I must say, as much as people have criticized Pastner for his coaching, his team looked very prepared today.

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They seem to have gotten into

They seem to have gotten into a groove since the lost to Oklahoma State a few weeks ago...Pastner has found a reliable rotation...

Collectively Memphis guards are playing much better both offensively & defensive since that lost....Pastner made a smart move by placing Chris Crawford into the starting lineup,he is the team's emotional leader..When Crawford is playing well the entire team feds off it.....Shaq Goodwin has given them a presence inside,he really wanted that win..Austin Nichols has stepped up his game,he's averaging 17 pts since the lost.....

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