Jordan Hill

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Jordan Hill

Hill has been having a great run in the 2nd unit on the Lakers, he is a fantastic rebounder and a quality defender. His improvement from his rookie year has been fairly drastic IMO.

Back when he was on the Knicks, Hill and D'Antoni had some serious beef. Hill said he was riding the pine because he was a rookie and D'Antoni did not use them in his rotations; whereas D'Antoni responded by saying he has nothing against playing rookies, he just doesnt play bad ones. This ended with Hill being traded to Houston as a part of the T-Mac deal.

How do you think take 2 will turn out? Will it be water under the bridge or will they resume where they left off?

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Mike's going to have to grill

Mike's going to have to grill up whatever beef they have and eat it, the lakers have no kind of bench; in his up tempo system the older guys like Pau will need more time to rest, increasing hills minutes

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Jordan Hill is a better

Jordan Hill is a better player now than he was then, so there won't be any issues.

He's a solid big man who provides energy. The Lakers need that off of the bench.

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I always like Hill as a 3rd bigman...

If his style doesn't suit D'Antoni's system then trade him to the Suns for Markieff Morris Lol...

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they will work it out

they will work it out

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