Jordan Adams SG, UCLA

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Jordan Adams SG, UCLA

Looking and Chad Ford's top 100 for 2014 and the 2014 Mock on Jordan Adams is no where to be found. And I want to ask you guys why?

First lets start with size. He's 6 foot 5 and 220. Long armed. And can shoot.

As a freshman he Avg 15.3 Ppg ( 8th in Pac 12 ) 3.8 Reb and 1.8 Ass. Big was 2.2 steals per game or 73 for the season. Both were number one in the Pac 12. Free throw percentage (84.3 pct) which is great.

All this was done in Ben Howland's offense which was a little more open last year but still on the slow side.

To me he was the best player on UCLA team last year which is saying something if Bazz got drafted at 14. So why is he not getting any per season love from anyone?

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I saw some UCLA games last

I saw some UCLA games last year, at times he was better than Shabazz. Also think he is a better scorer than Shabazz just my opinion

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I think it is just difficult

I think it is just difficult to see his game translate to the next level. He's kinda slow and not really an NBA athlete.

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UCLA was in the top 30 in scoring last season so it wasn't all that slow.

Regardless, I am a big UCLA and Jordan Adams fan. He is a big time college player, but as an NBA prospect he is very shaky. He does belong in the top 100 but Ford ranks largely based on potential. Adams is a good off ball defender, but not a very good one on ball because of his lack of speed. I don't remember one time he dunked in a game and he constantly missed layups because he simply couldn't elevate. However, he is very crafty and does deserve a spot in the league. I could see him going late first round.

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He's one of those guys that

He's one of those guys that would be in the top 5 body fat %. I liked him last year but he's not much of an NBA prospect. That being said he should be in the top 100.

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he's got a shot

if he gets stronger and leaner. i agree, he was their most consistent player last year.

did he have a foot injury before or during the season?

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His dribbling and passing

His dribbling and passing skills are nice complementary pieces, but in the NBA he'll make his money as a catch and shoot specialist.

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He was an obvious oversight,

He was an obvious oversight, no chance he will not be in top 30. To good as a scorer and shooter, vastly underrated, Im an fan.

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Jordan Adams can score very

Jordan Adams can score very well man. He's not an athlete but he knows how to put the ball in the basket, and he was pretty valuable for UCLA last year. They were visibly worse when he was out with injury at the end of the year.

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He's big and attacks the

He's big and attacks the basket and has a nice mid range game. Can shoot off the dribble. Best of the freshman defensively last year. I could see him getting 18 a game ext year with bazz gone and no other elite scorers on the bruins., and he could be all conference first team. He needs to improve his handle though.

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I dont understand why Adams

I dont understand why Adams isnt among the top 100 prospects..Next season if he comes back completely healthy, i expect him to be an all american and a 1st round pick...

Purists dont like him becuz he has an unconventional old school game,isnt that athletic and is 1 dimensional.....But he has a great mid-range game,is a good defender,a great finisher and can score in a variety of ways.....

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