Jonas V or Alex Len?

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Jonas V or Alex Len?

If you were an NBA General Manager, would you rather have Alex Len or Jonas V? To me, Len shows more of an offensive upside then Jonas does, but Jonas is the better athlete and defender. It's a tough choice between the two, but I think I'd take Len.

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probably depends on what you

probably depends on what you are looking for. If you want a C to be able to score consistently from the low post than Len might be better for you if going for better athlete and defender than Jonas. Especially since Jonas has the potential to be good in the low post. The thing is I haven't ever seen Jonas play so really can't compare

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post up

Len has truly awful numbers as a post up player fyi

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Jonas V

Even if you told me that Len never had a stress fracture in his foot, I would still pick Jonas V. I think he has more upside. He played very well despite not getting the amount of minutes that he probably should have for a lottery team. The only thing I like about Len is that he is bigger, but Len basically put up the same numbers in the ACC as soph as Jonas did as an NBA rookie.

That is all before you bring in a potential injury concern with Len. Big men with bad wheels tend to spend more time in the training room than on the court.

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Neither one of you

has really seen Jonas Valanciunas play. Skill and fundamentals are only the tip of the iceberg of why I would take JV over Len. The motor and heart with which Valanciunas play with is at a level reserved for only a few in this league. Len might be good down the road, but there is no doubt in my mind that if Jonas was in this draft he would go #1. Not only does he show signs of a post game with an ever developing hook shot, he is also a consistent shooter from 15-17 feet, taking his man off the dribble to the basket is something that he has shown the ability to do and is improving on. When he's crashing the offensive boards, you will never see him grab a rebound and bring the ball down, he keeps it high, while gathering himself and lays it in. Len shot 68% from the free throw line this past season, JV in his rookie season with the Raptors shot 78% and that is a poor number for a guy who is used to making his free throws at an 80% clip. All that plus his ridiculous passion for the game, I don't think it's debatable at this stage.

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I would take jonas v any day and this coming from somebody whose seen all his games so far in the nba and a couple of u19 fiba games. Just an overall better player right now and better prospect without a doubt.

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Jonas is a lot further along

Jonas is a lot further along than people tend to give him credit for. Accompanying his motor and desire to play hard is that he is one of if not the best at sealing off his man for easy lay-ins. He runs to the front rim hard and calls for the ball. Unlucky for him is that the Raps have Lowry, Derozan and Gay all stunting his development.

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I would go with Jo Val even

I would go with Jo Val even without the injury to Len as Reeko said. That much heart and toughness is enough to qualify as an elite skill. Len was really quick before the injury could give Jo Val a run for his money though.

I do think we overate prospects though, how long will it take for Jo Val to be a better canter than Joakim Noah. He won't be a better player on the court than Noah til like 2017, when Noah is going downhill and Jo Val hits his stride. To me thats why vets at the top of their game are far more superior to non immediate All Star caliber prospects like Currry and Irving.

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Valanciunas all day long. The

Valanciunas all day long. The only advantage Len has over him is his jumpshot (excluding free throws), since JV has shown a good looking low post game, and has been extremely efficient. Valanciunas has the potential to be an elite center, and hes already proven to be a productive starter.

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Jonas for sure. He has a

Jonas for sure. He has a much higher motor, which is essential for a big and also has fairly good offensive skills as well.

Len reminds me of post-ACL Nenad Krstic.

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If I were a GM I would rather

If I were a GM I would rather have Valanciunas without a question.
He does almost everything better than Len.
He's the better rebounder, low post scorer, defender, plays with more passion and heart, free throw shooter, and his mid range game isn't that bad either although that one goes to Len.
Lots of upside in both players but Valanciunas has already shown a lot of promise as his numbers post all star break were 11pts 7rbs 1.4blks, 59%fg, and 83% ft.
Not too shabby for a rookie center.

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JV is the better prospect and

JV is the better prospect and its not real close.

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JV is clearly better. Len may

JV is clearly better. Len may be a little more skilled offensively but JV is infinitely better on the defensive side. I will gladly take the infinitely better defender that has offensive upside rather than the guy that is more polished offensively with little defensive upside.

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