Johnny Flynn or Jeff Teague?

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Johnny Flynn or Jeff Teague?

I'm really high on both of these players, But who could be better? Teague has better size than Flynn and probably more upside than him, But Flynn has better point guard skills and, provides the leadership that teams look for.

My Vote: Johnny Flynn

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Again, I think the argument between the two now would depend on which team they would be drafted. This two players are pretty good players but still it would depend on where and how they will be used or played by the team that drafted them.

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Jeff Teague will be a scorer off the bench that lacks size more than likely and I think Jonny Flynn will be an immediate starter and impact player for whichever teams picks him. He is Chris Paul 2.0

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Johnny has more heart and talent than Teague. Flynn is more athletic and he could be a solid contributor in the first year. In this weak draft that's saying a lot. I've read at least two GM's say that this is the weakest draft they've seen in 2 dozen years.

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Flynn Or Teague??

This is a good question I would say Flynn. He is just plainly good. He can be a solod player his first year. Maybe 8-10 points & 4-5 Assists. Teague can probably put up those numbers but I don't think he should of came out this early.

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Flynn. he has Chris Paul

Flynn. he has Chris Paul potentiol Teague is a ? i think hell be decent but i dont think hell be a star.

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A lot of people are sleeping

A lot of people are sleeping on Teague. Flynn will contribute sooner, but Teague will be better in the long run. Flynn is very vocal & has leadership qualities that'll help him RIGHT away. He has a grown man's game. I'll give him that edge at this point. Teague is quiet, but has a lot of fire & is very competitive... He's hungry. Flynn is NOT more talented or athletic than Teague. Teague is EXPLOSIVE & fearless. He'll flourish in the NBA. Teague has more upside & when he learns how to run a team... Watch out. Eric Gordon, Courtney Lee, George Hill & MANY others... All players who Teague trains w/ every summer. If you watch their games, they all have that same first step/first move explosiveness. I'm telling y'all... Don't sleep on Teague.

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i like flynn better but i

i like flynn better but i think teague will be a good player too

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flynn a cp3?

be real! flynn is in no way a cp3 2.0 or watever the hell version u wanna name it. flynn is good and will prob be a good point but ima be the oddball of the bunch and say teague will be better. I jus love the way he attacks the rim and has that confidence to pull any shot at anytime not caring about the result. Flynn also has that mean streak in him but i like teague because he is jus a lil more reckless than the rest of the pg class

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I would take Flynn.

I would take Flynn.

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Like someone previously

Like someone previously said, it would depend on the team that they ended up on...

But if I had to make a choice, I would pick Flynn. Good heart, athleticism, and measurements... Easily a better distributor and team player after I heard of Teague's team frustrations late last season.

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