John Wall shoe deal

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John Wall shoe deal

John wall sign a shoe deal with reebok im not a reebok fan im avid sneaker collector and i love jordans but i think john wall can bring reebok bag reeboks were big before my time in the late 80's and early 90's with Iverson retired someone has to hold reebok down why the number 1 pick in this years draft

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addidas bought reebok awhile

addidas bought reebok awhile back lmao...

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Reebok is like a 'daughter'

Reebok is like a 'daughter' company to Adidas..

And I haven't seen anyone under the age of 50 wear reeboks since Allen Iverson was in Philly

It'll be interesting to follow this, the success of John Wall will be almost parallel to the success of Reebok, it'll be interesting to see if he can 'revive' Reebok

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I think Wall made a good

I think Wall made a good decision to sign with Reebok. He is trying to start his own path and not trying to follow anyone else. He is also getting paid a lot. When you earn 25 million, you're set for life, unlike Blake Griffin who is only making $400,000 annually with his shoe deal with Nike

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The only other players i cam

The only other players i cam think of with Reebok is A.I and Danilo.

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He will end up with Jordan if

He will end up with Jordan if he lives up to the hype, just like Wade did after his Converse contract was up. Thats where the legends are. Nike = Basketball Shoes. Hell, Nike= Sports Apparel

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