John Wall, one of the............

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even though young dave said

even though young dave said he wasnt one of the worst players in the league...

by him putting a question mark at the end of his first sentence

is basically implying that he is lol

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Lol I think thats where the problem come into play universal haha

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It's still too early to tell

It's still too early to tell if hsi jumper has improved. Remeber last year in Rose' first 7 or 8 gmaes he was shooting 25% on three's. And then it got considerably better.

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I've just been watching the

I've just been watching the first half of T-Wolves vs Washington as I was keen to see the Rubio and Wall match up, well Rubio certainly seems to be winning that. In defence to Wall he is only -2 on the +/- so a lot of the damage has been done when he is on the bench. The Wizards look like going 0-8 unless a big turn around happens.

I wonder when line up changes will start happening, at least Singleton has got a start and Vesley is seeing some action. But maybe Coach Saunders needs to shake things up perhaps start Booker and Seraphin to try and get a positive response from McGee aand Blatche?

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LMAO @ dude saying Jarret

LMAO @ dude saying Jarret Jack and Jose Calderon are better than John Wall hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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