John Wall - My Take

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John Wall - My Take

I have really started to like John Wall over the past season and I am really happy that Washington has the opportunity to keep him around so that he can be the face of that franchise. Unlike other young guys who have been rumored to be on the fence with their current squads (Kyrie Irving, Paul George), John Wall is showing commitment to the team that took him #1 overall, and I like that.

John Wall still has an incredibly long time to develop, as he is only 22 years old. He isn't a solid jump shooter, but he has plenty of time to work on that part of his game. He is super athletic, a great facilitator and a great team player. He has had some pretty awful talent around him up until last season, and he has still played decent.

Last season whenever Wall had talent around him and he was able to play, the Wizards were a tough team to beat, especially at home. They keep adding talent and are setting themselves up for a playoff spot this season.

In my personal opinion, the Wizards are making a great investment in John Wall, and they will benefit from this for multiple years to come.

Another unique thing to remember is that Jason Kidd entered the NBA with a pretty lackluster jumper, and he ended up finishing in the top 5 of most 3-point field goals made for a career. Pretty impressive to say the least, and John Wall still can become that caliber of player.

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I havn't read anything from George or Irving insinuating a defection from their current teams, only media driven speculation, and I'm sure Wall didn't have a problem committing to 80 mil.

From the Wizards perspective, it's simple. This is a star driven league and Wall has a chance to be a star. If the Wizards didn't do it, another team would.

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Some nobody journalist who

Some nobody journalist who has "a source in the know" claims Irving wants out of Cleveland and that's enough to suggest he's not committed to his team? Sometimes, even as a Clevelander, its hard to believe someone would stick with us but Kyrie himself dismissed the rumor and all you can do is trust him.

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