joe man's mock draft

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joe man's mock draft

what do youthink? sacramento needs a point guard more than a power forward

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No way

The Kings absolutley need a pg more then a pf. But with that said, Griffin is the number 1 pick hands down. It is him, then everyone else. When you have the number 1 pick, you don't draft on need. Besides, physical toughness is the Kings biggest weakness, and both Hawes and Thompson are more finnesse at this point.

Also, I must be watching a diferent Curry then the majority of people because I don't think he goes top 15 let alone top 5. He can't defend at the nba level, he can't go by guys on a consistent basis. The only reason he went crazy in college was because he was given the green light on a sub par team. I think he is the next eddie House, and you don't use a top 5 pick on eddie house.

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Curry was fantastic to watch in college, but I am glad to see some one else with some sense. He seems to be more of a designated shooter than a pg like say a man by the name of Dell Curry? People who are expecting him to be a full time and effective point are nuts IMO. He won't be able to defend stronger points. He won't be able to drive against quicker defenders. If he does make it to the hole, he won't be able to finish against the athletic tree trunks out there. At the very best, I'm thinking Jason Terry. Nothing wrong with that, but if a team is looking for a point, I do not think is their man.

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Stephen Curry

I think the T'Wolves would rather want a pure point guard in Brandon Jennings rather than a shorter version of Foye, especially with their first 1st round pick. If he was available later they might get him.

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Aint no way in heck that

Aint no way in heck that Rubio isdrafted before Griffin even if they do need a pg

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i can't c rubio being draft before griffen. but the thing that got me thinking about ur mock draft is that u got the bulls drafting mullens and Hansbrough, now that doesn't make sense. they have miller, noah, and thomas, even though the bulls r pretty deep at all positions, but i'm seriously doubting that they would draft two big men.

the mullens pick can happen, but i c bust written all over him. And putting curry as a top 5 pick is kinda silly, being drafted before jennings and derozan i just dont see that happening.

Omri Casspi being picked at 18 is a reach, if u think they will draft a sf, DaJuan Summers, and Sam Young would make more sense then casspi.

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remember Jonny Flynn?

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worst mock i've ever seen

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I agree with Lodzio 20.This

I agree with Lodzio 20.This is the worst draft i ve ever seen!!! this nba or nfl draft?

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