Joe Johnson, deadly mistake?

Atlanta Hawks re-signed Joe Johnson for 6 years and $121M. To me, it sounds a bit like Rashard Lewis' signature as Atlanta almost locked their roster for the following years. JJ is a good player who totally went down when it counted (playoffs) and he will continue to put good numbers in a good team which will never be great.
Do you thing that despite JJ's contract Atlanta will still be able to improve? If yes, please explain me how.

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Atlanta probably regrets this

Atlanta probably regrets this already

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What are they thinking? Joe

What are they thinking? Joe Johnson is not a guy to lead a team to the promised land. Are they gonna be happy with winning 45+ games every year for the next six years, then getting eliminated in the first/second round?

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He didnt accept yet

I doubt he wants to return he wants to win a title so he goes to New York, Chicago or Miami believe me if he wanted to return he woulda jumped on that like OJ on white women

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He signed it already

Hey, HD_The_Kid, it's already signed since July, 1st but I can't understand why the Hawks did it! Apparently, I'm not the only one so I feel less stupid.

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can't sign

until july 8th, joe has not officially taken his name off the table. New York still might be a possible destination teaming up with stoudamire and have dantoni as coach again.

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Two thoughts........

First, Hawks felt like they had to. Wrong. But it is all about selling season tickets for the time being. I still hope they work out some type of sign and trade to get something back for him. even if it is expiring contracts and draft picks. (DALLAS)

Second, with out JJ the Hawks would probably win 43 games next season if they can actually sign Josh Childress to a deal, and they still make the playoffs and make money. Reason being.......

Starting five for first half of season:

Bibby (shooter-veteran/nothing more)
J Smoove(defender/break out year, finally learned not to take bad shots last year)
Horford(best year yet/gets to be the focal point on offense and sets up teammates by playing natural PF)
SHAQ/HEYWARD(this is the big ???) if they use their full MLE on a center past his prime for 2 seasons to come in and lead the young guys the hawks can compete in the east just like last year.

will they get past the second round, probably not, but at least they will have cap space to move forward.

Second half of the season i think they trade bibby to Boston/San Antonio or even Denver. Teams that need shooting PG's off the bench.

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