Joe Harris

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Joe Harris

What do yaull think of Joe Harris? He impresses me everytime I see him play. I love his game. I dont see him listed in any of the mocks, and I think he will be a solid player in the league.

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Yeah i think it's about time

Yeah i think it's about time MikeyV made him a Draft Profile.....

Dude is shooting 48% from 3 point range,solid all around game,tough and he's aggressive on both sides of the ball ......Has been playing well during ACC Play...

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Wahoowa! Glad to see some UVA

Wahoowa! Glad to see some UVA love on the message board. Even being as big of a UVA fan as I am, I wasn't really convinced that he was much of an NBA prospect early in the season. But he has been playing truly remarkably the last 4 games: 24 PPG including 14-21 from 3, that has gotten me thinking about him a bit more as a draft prospect. He's not all that athletic, but he's a hell of a shooter, strong, and a good team player. Fringe 2nd round pick in my opinion. If he continues to shoot anywhere near how he's shooting right now I think he can make it as a 3 point specialist. If not, he'll be a hell of a player in Europe.

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