Jimmer Trade

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Jimmer Trade

The Jimmer Fredette trade rumors have started up since Sactown declined to pick up his option, with Chicago and Oklahoma City being mentioned as possible destinations (appears to be purely speculation at this point). Does anyone think a move to a title contender could help rejuvinate his career, or is he destined for oversea's?

Personally, I think some team out there can capitalize on the qualities that won him a NPOY not too long ago.

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At this point

Anywhere but Sac-Town

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Hoefuly someone gives him another shot

Who couldn't use a cheap shooter off the bench? And he can probably be had quite cheaply on the trade market if Sacto doesn't want him. JIMMERMANIA baby!!!

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Im a big Jimmer fan and think

Im a big Jimmer fan and think he could still be good. He is a sg all the way but is too short to guard other sg's. I think he needs to play somewhere that has a relatively tall pg so he could guard the opposing sg's and Jimmer could guard the pg's.

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Would love to see him go to

Would love to see him go to Utah

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