Jimmer Fredette = Adam Morrison

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Jimmer Fredette = Adam Morrison

When it comes to college hoops Jimmer Fredette is easily one of the best in the country but how everyone thinks he is going to be a good NBA is beyond me. He is just going to be another Adam Morrison. Adam Morrison was praised as being the best in college hoops during his Junior Year, Averging 28.1 points a game. Jimmer finished off his career with 28.9 his Senior year. Both of their teams lost in the Sweet 16. When Morrison was in college his team finished 29-4 and Fredette finished 32-5. Morrison in his Final year actually had a higher 3pt percentage then Jimmer did 39.6. Morrison attempted 617 while Jimmer attempted 765!!!!. Also Morrison was drafted by the bobcats. According to multiple sites including Jimmer is projected to go to the bobcats as well. I am not buying into what anyone says, I know they play different positions but when it comes to NBA career Jimmer will be nothing more than a Adam Morrison or at best a Eddie House off the bench.

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