Jim Calhoun

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Jim Calhoun

This whole salary story &$#%#[email protected]! me off alot. I was literally yelling at some idealist idiot on ESPN earlier. I understand that times are rough and Uconn is state run, yada yada. The point is, this guy works his dick off his whole career, creating a top 5 program from the bottom over decades, and turned it into a money generating machine. The income more than covers his salary, so I just dont get what all the fuss is about. He makes what he has earned, its so easy for some dick professional instigator to call out that a very successful and hard working man makes alot of money in hard times because were frustrated and villify him for it, but who the hell wants to make less money in these times. We're all trying to get ours, are people in the public eye any different? This shit just makes me mad, I know I'm gonna get some idealists on here telling me how wrong I am, but anything other than trying to work hard and make as much money as you can in a fair and legal way is a socialist ideal. Thats why I hate when people complain about what athletes make. Owners are billionares most of the time, they arent stupid with money. They pay athletes what they can afford to pay them based on what they earn for the owner. Its all just bogus, trying to set up a good coach who has helped mold good people and quality players like Ray Allen, Rip and such, and created million dollar generating charities so we can all throw stones at him. Let me know what yall think.

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I agree..

He said he brings in 12 million per to the school so his pay is justified. On the other hand, he didn't handle himself all that well. He knows that he is in the public eye, and being a very well paid coach, he knows that he needs to be more professional then the way he acted. Some reporters are slime balls whose sole purpose is to antagonize people until they react the way Calhoun did. Like the reporter who asked Rod Marinelli if he thought his daughter should have married a better guy ( his son-in-law was the lions off. coordinater) I would have knocked the guy out but I am not getting paid millions for what i do. Calhoun needs to be the better man and ignore these type of peeps. He knows that and that is why he apologized.The whole thing was blown WAY out of proportion but he is in the public eye and a mentor to his students.

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I agree wiyh daneboy and

I agree wiyh daneboy and canesboy the media has a tendency to make things more than it is. On a side not Jim Calhoun has built the UCONN program from the bottom up he has worked has hard as any coach in the last decade plus he deserves a break

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Can't agree more

Jim Calhoun paid his dues! Hard working man that does all the right things. No NCAA violations, consistency through out the program in terms of winning seasons and produces great kids. Jim Calhoun had every right to destroy this idiot. The reporter was stupid for bringing up the subject when it had nothing to do with the game. Calhoun is a tough man and has battle through cancers, and other problems in his life. Give this guy a break and let him coach and be happy.

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