Jerron Love

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Jerron Love

I was reading a piece about Jerron Love and his father who created, I was wondering if anyone who has seen this kid play, is he any good or is he just a hype machine created by his father. From what I can see from independent articles he is a 5'9 Point Guard, sophomore in high school and has played in New York, Cali and now Atlanta over the last few years, which can't be good. Also he was born in January 1996 but is in class of 2015, by my estimation he will 19 and a half in his freshman year of college and with all the moving more problems could come. Any info appreciated, can't find his stats on the internet, or anything that doesn't seem to come from his father.

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No real stats, but he currently plays for Wheeler

Here is the link to his page for MaxPreps, no stats, just his profile which lists him at 5-11/170 (though I think coaches and schools sometimes make these, so they may not be COMPLETELY accurate. Sometimes, an inch or so gets added):

Daniel Giddens and Jaylen Brown both are highly rated members of 2015 and I presume they both got quite a few more minutes than Jerron, though I do believe he played. The thing with Jerron's father seemed like Shabazz Muhammad's father, only to a much stranger level. When your dad is MAKING the rankings and griping about other peoples perceptions, just taking it a tad too far.

He says he was just doing it for his son and to try and get him ahead, due to the fact that genetics (ie. height) might not be on his side, just sort of came off as slightly shady. Definitely not "non-biased" and it seems that since Jerron has hit HS, he has stopped his "crusade" to give other players exposure (though I credit him for doing so with a few players, though who knows whether it was a good thing to be ranked as a 6th grader). Have never seen him live, seems like a decent player in whatever I have seen, just nothing worthy of the praise showered by his father and whoever else was writing for MSE.

I know he played his first year of HS in Cali, than was going to transfer to St. Benedict's Prep in NJ to be a back-up to Tyler Ennis and Isaiah Briscoe. Guess he decided to go to Wheeler and I have not really heard much about him as far as being in the rankings as far as his class. That is not to say he does not have offers, as he claims to here (end of the video, says from Cleveland State, Fresno State, UConn verbally, St. John's, while Seton Hall and George Mason are close to offering). So, he seems to have something going as far as at least getting that college schollie. Now, doing the Shabazz part as far as actually getting NBA prospects, not so sure just yet.

Thought I would search the site for more Jerron threads. Can't believe it has been nearly two years since I made this one:

Just probably the same article you read, or close to it. Not much content besides a 2Pac and Biggie track. Also, one time MSE jacked something paradigmn wrote (no offense to para, but more than likely since it featured Jerron, even though the other players probably helped give it credibility) and instead of crediting him, they took it off the site, lol. So, hope this gives something, sorry I could not give you more of a scouting report on him. If you look at the two profiles of his Wheeler, teammates, their are articles that mention his name and maybe some stats. Think his dad ranking him #1 was kind of a difficult thing to aspire to and I hope he sticks with a HS.

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Jerron Just graduated from

Jerron Just graduated from Quality Education Academy where he made the honor role and received team MVP and two MVP awards for tournaments in Kentucky. He's 5'10 - 5'11, strong and from Coach Pitts mouth is a great kid with an awesome game. Jerron is a late qualifier but is definitely going to College... 

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