Jeremy Lin and Kenyon Martin

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Jeremy Lin and Kenyon Martin

First of all I would like to say its sad Im even talking about this. I have a very sceptacle mind and when I see this all I can think of is ESPN exploiting one of the largest markets (Brooklyn/New York) by exploiting one of the most marketable target audiences (Asian) by picking on Jeremy Lin. To be fair I honestly believe someone told Kenyon Martin to make those comments since he works for ESPN. Made tons of headlines. Theres no way that someone who has travelled the world for decades being paid millions of dollars and even played in China is not cultured enough to understand its okay for an Asian guy to have dreads if he chooses to wear that style of hair.

With that being said gotta love Lins response and how he got at K-Mart for having Chinese tattoos after Martin accused him of stealing from African culture. Dont argue with a Harvard grad he will make you look stupid everytime.

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yeah, weak stuff by martin.

yeah, weak stuff by martin. Lin has always been experimental with hair styles. Didnt care for martin's bully response of how that would never be allowed on his teams. Im like what would you have done kenyon? Beat him up?

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It annoys me when people

It annoys me when people think black people co-sign what Martin said. WE think it's horse shh as well. I'm not a big fan of Lin's game but I do respect his professionalism and what he's accomplished.

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