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jeremy lin

I just read a report on that the rockets offered Jeremy lin a 4 year deal worth somewhere between 31-40 million. Am I the only one that thinks in no way shape or form is Jeremy lin worth more than half of that? He had 15 semi good games, he turns the ball over a ton he gets stripped too easy(watch the Miami game if you don't believe me) and he looks for his shot too much instead of distributing the ball. So does anyone think this guy is overrated like me?

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So you don't think he's worth

So you don't think he's worth 20 million over 4 years then.

Did you not see what he did last year.

Teams and top Pg's were gunning for him and he fell off so ppl think he's a lower tier PG all of a sudden.

That was basically his rookie season and the most mins he played since high school.

Look at his last 7 games last season before the injury the team won 6 and he only scored 13 a game. He can distribute and he cut down the turnovers from 5 to 3.8 in his 2nd month starting. 16-10 since he started getting starter mins not bad considering they were missing Amare and Melo for some of those games.

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The guys not named Rondo are

The guys not named Rondo are right about him stepping up in to a new role. He IS their leader. On the court, the ball is in his hands more than any other. He orchestrates offenses, often independent of Doc Rivers, who is content to let his point guard's CPU process everything he sees before him. And like Garry Kasparov flying through move after move in his head before placing a fingertip on a bishop, Rondo cycles through options at a dizzying mental pace before actually triggering the offense.

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